Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Airbrushed Pumpkins,Halloween# 9

Airbrushed Pumpkins with unbelievable expressions and color!

Airbrushed Painted Halloween Pumpkins, Dr. Pumpkinstein!

Jack-O-Lanterns ,Whispering winds, Moaning Ghost thru fluttering shadows. He,s at it again!! The alter-Ego of “Spoony-G”…”Dr. Pumpkinstein” ….with this years outlandish brood of Airbrushed Pumpkin Folk from the site of look under Holliday Items!

You have to see these Uber Painted Pumpkins in person to really see the realism and detail that this purveyor of Pumpkin mayhem Dr. Pumpkinstein is able to get with a Airbrush

Pumpkins painted in Uber  iridescent, Candy, Metallic and Pearl colors in complimentary combinations…This drenching of colors is rarely seen on Pumpkins.

Not your regular Sunday go to meeting Pumpkins here, these Uber Artistic, Airbrushed Pumpkins add a touch of Panache’ to your entertainment moments. These are mostly Halloween Ideas, but you can request any theme, character, scene or idea that your imagination can dream up. Pumpkins can be used for more occasions then you realize! For other intriguing and thought provoking Ideas visit…. Out of Farmington Hills, Michigan
For information call 989-372-0303 and hang on to your ruby shoes!
F.Y.I : What is originality? It is being ones self, and reporting accurately what we see. R.W. Emerson

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All i can say is WOW!