Sunday, October 30, 2011

Airbrushing Pumpkins/Uber Art #12

Airbrushed Halloween Pumpkins/ Season for Uber- Pumpkins#12

A Spooktacular brood of color drenched Halloween Jack lanterns are being released this Halloween season. From enchanted delites , to glowing, simmering malevolent pumpkin folk come forth in a dazzling array of hues.

This fall the glorious splendor of color engorged leaves and berries is the backdrop for” Uber Spoony-G” simmering little airbrushed Halloween Pumpkins

Never a lack of creativity and new ideas, Uber-G has a new cast of “Mild to Wild” Halloween Pumpkins. Organic and Dura-plastic are meticulously designed and executed to draftsmen specs…then layers of clear coat paint is applied to protect and add gloss and depth to each airbrushed pumpkin.

A new batch of Halloween Pumpkin Folk has been created…. and Uber Airbrush Artist “Uber-Spoony-G” has been up to his holiday hi-jinx with fever and 3-D detail. Hailing out of Farmington Hills, Michigan, This constantly creating artist is in the front line of ultra committed artist doing work that is out in front of the masses and for the people that want a unique and custom look and feel that is not like the flocks of artist out there.

These are mostly Halloween themes of Pumpkintronic applications, there are many scene or character ideas that can be conceived for Holiday ideas and concepts….visit to see other forms and media to get uber-ized by “Uber Spoony-G.

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“We are all great artist…many just don’t care to find that self.”

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Airbrushing Mural on RV of sunset over ocean

          This is another entertaining tutorial of Uber Airbrushing by "Artist Uber Spoony-G" showing you some interesting techniques on Automotive Custom Airbrushing.

         This pertricular project of Custom Airbrushing a design on a motor home is loaded with different types of techniques that "Uber-G" has honed to a distinctive and vibrant arsenal of skills.
          Airbrushing by a career artist and life time lover of all types of graphic art...Spoony has been airbrushing for over 2 decades working in all types of medias and topic matters.  For more Automotive designs vist his web site's Automotive designs.
        Trained as a Graphic illustrator, "Uber-G" is also involved in a platoria of other kinds and styles of Airbrushing and art styles.
             Hailing out of Farmington Hills,Michigan at this time, the  artist is available for all types of collaborations, demonstrations and on-site designing to boost your desires and projects.
    Visit to stimulate and charge your imagination to the opportunities that are available to you!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Airbrushed Pumpkins,Halloween# 9

Airbrushed Pumpkins with unbelievable expressions and color!

Airbrushed Painted Halloween Pumpkins, Dr. Pumpkinstein!

Jack-O-Lanterns ,Whispering winds, Moaning Ghost thru fluttering shadows. He,s at it again!! The alter-Ego of “Spoony-G”…”Dr. Pumpkinstein” ….with this years outlandish brood of Airbrushed Pumpkin Folk from the site of look under Holliday Items!

You have to see these Uber Painted Pumpkins in person to really see the realism and detail that this purveyor of Pumpkin mayhem Dr. Pumpkinstein is able to get with a Airbrush

Pumpkins painted in Uber  iridescent, Candy, Metallic and Pearl colors in complimentary combinations…This drenching of colors is rarely seen on Pumpkins.

Not your regular Sunday go to meeting Pumpkins here, these Uber Artistic, Airbrushed Pumpkins add a touch of Panache’ to your entertainment moments. These are mostly Halloween Ideas, but you can request any theme, character, scene or idea that your imagination can dream up. Pumpkins can be used for more occasions then you realize! For other intriguing and thought provoking Ideas visit…. Out of Farmington Hills, Michigan
For information call 989-372-0303 and hang on to your ruby shoes!
F.Y.I : What is originality? It is being ones self, and reporting accurately what we see. R.W. Emerson

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Uber Airbrushed Baseball helmets #8

Uber Airbrushed Baseball helmets....Fresh,Vibrant and Cool...these candy and metallic coated helmets wrap your noggin trendy Protective baseball wear!!
Distinctive, and Functional, "Uber-G" puts style in everyday sports wear....A Glide in your stride.

That metallic touch that Magic touch!! "Uber- G" has just laid down some especially rich and vibrant colors in preperation for the graphics to be applied......
Lettering is applied as soon as multi-hued background colours are dried....
Blocking in the graphics in bold colors to be detailed when dried.

F.Y.I: We are All Great Artist....many just dont care to find that self.

That metallic touch that Magic Uber-G!!

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Uber Airbrushed Car Hood #7

Portraits Uber-customized on black car Uber airbrushexpert "Uber SpoonyG" is putting some tasty licks on a classic Grand Am automobile.......This design is a pair of portraits of two beloved parents.
Uber SpoonyG has prepped up car hood.....Lite lay-out work with chalk to get design centered and the blocking in of large areas........

This Highly custom airbrushing is done in a "Free-Hand" style of painting with minimum stenciling and some hand lettering.....
One of the more crucial parts are getting things centered according to each group of objects and then as a whole in eyes,nose, mouth...then, heads to each other and then to align with lettering (calligraphy).

Pulling all the elements together as the finale layers of color are applied is the icing on the cake..and as this "Uber Art" is finished with Script style custom Lettering and some dusting of the Uber Magic that is expected...all the elements bond together and it becomes a finished project.

F.Y.I: " The Richness of Life Lies in memories we have forgotten." C.Rossetti

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" Uber SpoonyG "
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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Gothic cycle tank design Airbrushed #6

Gothic Dark shadows mural airbrushed on motorcycle tank
This is a Custom-ed airbrushed mural on a motorcycle tank done in iridescent and chameleon paints as well as punched up with enhanced star burst and candified metallic base coat.
In the final stage of this design one cannot comprehend how radically different a clear coat makes on a mural that is saturated in candy colors, iridescent and pearlescant paints.......

.....that are hinted at in the pre-clear coated stages of this design.
The artist was requested by the client to use his own judgement at adding elements and colors to the design but try to be faithful to atmosphere and dark nature of the design....that set the artist drooling with anticipation to work on the a artist full reign on concepts is usually a guarentee of a fantastic job by Spoony G.

A tasty finish to a satisfying project...leaving client and artist quite happy.

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